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Bethany Dark is a pianist, violinist, vocalist, guitarist and occasional ukulele player. She lives in Bracknell and is currently studying for her A-Levels at Charters in Sunningdale. She is looking to progress a career in music, and is always looking for opportunities to perform live. Playing her own compositions and covers from diverse artists.

To hear Bethany's music, check out her SoundCloud page. Be sure to follow and like if you enjoy what you hear.

Bethany's Songs

You Don't Know
My first track featuring synthesiser, and my most pop track to date. A song about taking risks and living life on the edge. Another demo track recorded at home, hoping to take it further in the studio.

Innocent Or Guilty
Piano vocal original on how the past can stay with us forever. Recorded in lockdown using Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and AudioEvolution software - amazing what you can achieve on a mobile device!

A Single Cut (Live in Lockdown)
A song that was composed in lockdown, about the damage we do to each other. Recorded live for my first YouTube video (see below), the audio is extracted from the video so apologies for the audio quality.

More Than I Show
An upbeat piano love song, about two young people looking forward to their future together and chasing their dreams. The second track recorded at Silver Street Studios in Reading.

Ballad of a Lost Girl
A piano song about trying to be a friend to someone who is struggling with depression. One of two tracks recorded with Spencer Brooks at Silver Street Studios in Reading. It was great working with Spencer and I think you can hear what a great job he did!

Loved and Free
The first thing I tried recording at home on MixCraft. Dad put way too much reverb on it (he blames listening to too much Julien Baker). This is on my list of tracks to re-record.

Composed as my free composition for GCSE. A dark brooding piece for piano and cello. This is just a MIDI export, at present, but I would love to hear it performed live. Please message me if you play cello and would like to give it a go.

Bethany's Videos

I'm now on YouTube! You can find and subscribe to my channel here, or view the video below.

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